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What are your rates?

An average house under 3000 square feet runs $395.  Add $50 for outbuildings up to 200 sq ft.

Farms and Ranches will vary and will be given a quote.

Condos, townhomes, manufactured homes, and tiny home average $275-325.

Inspections over 30 miles away from my office will have a $1/mile fee added after 30 miles.

Does the client need to be there for the inspection?

Short answer is no. But it is a good idea to at least stop by toward the end of the inspection so the inspector can go over any potential issues. 

The client will need to sign the inspection agreement and pay for services before the inspector can start.

How will I get my inspection report?

When I come out for the inspection I go through an extensive checklist and record my findings. Then I go to the office and kick out a computer generated report with the findings as well as recommendations and required repairs. This can be emailed, mailed or hand delivered

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